Order Arrival Notification

Found and analysed by Kaspersky Seen since late April ‘Sender’ – Delivery firm Threat type – Malware – Remcos backdoor Keywords: Order Arrival Notification, your package has arrived, sales order number, your package has reached the warehouse and due to coronavirus outbreak, you will need to come to our warehouse

Covid-19 Emergency Funds Update

Found and analysed by Sonic Wall Seen since late March ‘Sender’ – IRS Threat type – Credential stealer, malware download Keywords: Covid-19 Emergency Funds Update, You are entitled to emergency funds aid package, kindly check the attached file

RE: nCoV: Coronavirus outbreak

Found and analysed by VMware Carbon Black Seen since early March Threat type – malicious software download ‘Sender’ – info@arakaturk.live Key words: RE: nCoV: Coronavirus outbreak and safety measures in your city (urgent), CDC health alert, we are obliged to provide different ways, avoid potential hazards.