TEXT: HMRC Payment

Found and analysed by RSA Seen since late March Threat type – credential stealer ‘Sender’ – HMRC Key words: NHS promise to battle the COV-19virus, HMRC has issued a payment of £258 as a goodwill payment, hmrc-cov.payment.estrodev.com

TEXT: COVID-19 PC Optimum

Found and analysed by RSA Seen since late March Threat type – malicious URL ‘Sender’ – PC optimum Key words: COVID-19 PC Optimum has rewarded you 2000 thousand points due to these unprecedented times, covipc.com


Submitted by reader Seen since late March Threat type – fake call line – extortion likely ‘Sender’ – Gov.uk Key words: It has come to our attention, irresponsible behaviour, £250 fine, call 08003459999.

Order Customized Hand Sanitizer

Found and analysed by KnowBe4 Seen since early Feb Threat type – fake product Key words: Order Customized Hand Sanitizer to fight against coronavirus, business product centre, cdc recommends, limited time offer.

Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

Found and analysed by Cofense Seen since mid March ‘Sender’ – WHO Threat type – malware download – Hawkeye Ransomware Keywords: outbreak prevention and cure, cure.ZIP, agaisnt, once received this mail review, every one on how to fight, Dr Tedros Abhanom