Kevin Taylor

Found and analysed by Zscaler Seen since early April ‘Sender’ – Undisclosed sender Threat type – Credential Stealer/ Nigerian Prince scam Keywords: Kevin Taylor,, Sales then share 40% the money to orphanage home while I (Kevin Taylor,) take 40% of the amount, avoid Oil company, he is top politician,

Letter from the president

Found and analysed by Trustwave Seen since mid Feb ‘Sender’ – ‘Zhi Chen’ Threat type – Credential stealer Keywords: Letter from the president, corona virus, 9 cases of 2019-nCoV infection in New Zealand, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare, go through the attachment.

Please help me

Found and analysed by Trustwave Seen since late March ‘Sender’ – Detail not disclosed Threat type – Begging letter Keywords: I just thought to reach out, please send me an itunes or wallmart giftcard of $250, i will pay you back as soon as I return from Isolation.