I’m Joe Tidy. I’m the BBC’s Cyber-security Reporter

This site is not a BBC website – just a personal project. It came about after we did a story (below) about the ongoing trend of coronavirus phishing scams which are a massive problem and causing havoc during the pandemic crisis.

I’ll try to update the site as much as I can in my spare time whenever I get alerted to another live scam doing the rounds.

This is all dependent on cyber-security companies and independent security researchers sending me their findings. They uncover these sorts of phishing scams all the time but they are never put all in one resource so I hope this site goes some way to solve that a bit.

Thanks very much to the companies for sending me their finds. If you’re a cyber-security professional and would like to help please find me on twitter.

I hope this site can help some people.

And annoy some hackers.


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